Cap that encases a tooth to prevent tooth from further breakage and preserve tooth for further use.

Emergency Treatment

Provide temporary relief to pain and discomfort, provide temporary fix for broken teeth, reattach crowns and bridges, take out bad teeth


Removal of hard and soft bacterial deposits on teeth at and underneath the gum to prevent gum disease and promote healthy gum.

Deep Cleaning

Removal of hard deposits on teeth deep underneath the gum to stop gum disease and prevent premature loss of teeth; generally done with local anesthetics.


Use of professionally whitening product to make teeth brighter.


Removal of decay on teeth and restoration of tooth structure with filling material preventing loss of teeth.


Remove tooth decay and restore teeth after cavities.

Occlusal Guards

We offer custom fit Night Guards and Athletic Guards to protect your teeth from injury.

Root Canal Treatment

Removing infection in teeth, providing relief from toothache, and, in combination with tooth buildup and crown, preserving teeth for further use.

Tooth Buildup

Strengthening tooth after root canal treatment.